Furnished apartments in Paris

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Cute, wonderful home in popular area

€1,000per month
1 Room2 adults100

Great and beautiful loft close to city center

€8,898per month
1 Room7 adults99

New loft in the heart of town

€1,000per month
3 Rooms2 adults25


€3,036per month
1 Room2 adults161


€8,777per month
1 Room2 adults177


€6,105per month
1 Room2 adults183

Perfect apartment in quiet street

€1,111per month
1 Room1 adult12

Charming, bright loft

€1,600per month
1 Room1 adult453

Wonderful studio in nice area, Paris

€100per month
1 Room1 adult50

Awesome suite with nice neighbours

€1,600per month
1 Room2 adults50

Spacious & fantastic home, Paris

€1,000per month
2 Rooms2 adults50