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  • Tips for Finding an Apartment in Essen

    Essen is one of the ten largest cities in Germany with a population of just under 600.000. It is also one of the country's oldest cities and has forged a major industrial hub out of its coal and steel industries. While steel is still an important source of employment for the city, Essen also developed a big tertiary sector that brings in expats and young professionals in large numbers each year. If you are looking for serviced apartments in Essen, our guide to living in the city should provide you with some tips on which areas are right for you and how to get the most out of the amenities offered.

    Rent a short-term furnished apartment in Essen-Sternviertel
    • Living in Essen-Rüttenscheid

      Rüttenscheid is one of the liveliest districts in the city and would probably be described by most as the “hip” district. Due to the vibrance of the local scene, mainly singles and young people live here. There are a number of musical events as well as a large shopping centre that is also located in this area.

      • The Essen-Rüttenscheid Neighbourhood

        Despite the slightly rustic vibe, visitors will also find the likes of nightclubs situated in converted air raid shelters, trendy artisanal coffee merchants, and vintage vinyl stores. The Messe Essen is also located here and is a major convention centre that attracts enthusiasts and professionals.

      • Rent Prices in Essen-Rüttenscheid

        As one of the more popular areas in the city, Rüttenscheid naturally holds some of the most expensive accommodation options in Essen. Anyone looking for long- or short-term rentals here can expect to pay €700 - €1.100 per month for a furnished one-room apartment.

    • Living in Essen-Steele

      Steele is a suburb of Essen that was once a city in and of itself. As such, it boasts excellent centralised infrastructure making it something of a commuters dream. Its local symbol is the impressive water tower at Diether Krebs Platz, which dates back well over 100 years and is a listed monument of the city.

      • The Essen-Steele Neighbourhood

        The neighbourhood of Steele is recognisable by its multitude of green areas, adding to its appeal for those who wish for a quiet retreat from the city. The area is bordered by the Ruhr river, meaning long walks along a beautiful promenade can also be a nice treat for anyone renting an apartment here.

      • Rent Prices in Essen-Steele

        Given its location on the outskirts of the city and the fact that it is not in high demand for those looking for nightlife, Steele offers more affordable accommodation than central areas such as Rüttenscheid. Prices range from around €550 - €900 per month for a furnished one-room rental apartment.

    • Living in Essen-Frohnhausen

      For those looking for a small community feel, Frohnhausen is an ideal choice. The area was formerly a village that underwent a population boom. It is a great choice for families, with 10 different schools in the area, as well as a number of green areas, parks, and houses for rent.

      • The Essen-Frohnhausen Neighbourhood

        The neighbourhood in this area is calm and relaxed yet consistently active. Sports enthusiasts come here for the major leisure centre and ice rink, and despite its humble beginnings, Frohnhausen is now the most populous district in the city.

      • Rent Prices in Essen-Frohnhausen

        Rent prices in Frohnhausen are surprisingly cheap thanks to the many larger apartment buildings that tend to dominate the area. Prices range from €630 - €1.000 for a furnished one-room flat.

    • Living in Essen-Borbeck

      Located in the geographic centre of the city, Borbeck holds a number of the city's vital institutions, including the district court, the job centre, the district library and a hospital. There are also exhibition centres and a weekly market that is held in a pedestrian area.

      • The Essen-Borbeck Neighbourhood

        Despite its central location, Borbeck is a relatively calm and relaxed area, offering a wide range of green spaces as well as a moated castle that is open to the public. There are also several high schools and sports facilities which make it a great choice for couples or families.

      • Rent Prices in Essen-Borbeck

        Another curious attribute of this district is the relatively low cost of accommodation given its central location. Prospective residents can expect to pay around €500 - €850 for a furnished one-room apartment here.

  • Living in Essen

    Essen offers a wide range of different attractions and amenities as well as a solid infrastructure of public transport and civic institutions. Here are a few tips to help you get started in this lively German city.

    Moving and living in Essen near to Central Station
    • Transport in Essen

      Essen is a great city for all methods of transport. Walking is a good option if you live centrally, but trains also connect the suburbs to the center, and bike hire is available.

      • Public Transport

        Essen's Underground system is not as extensive as the likes of Berlin but it still covers and connects a large number of destinations in the city. Remember that the Underground stops running at 11 pm every day. Short distance tickets of 3 stops or less cost €1.70, while a citywide ticket costs €2.90.

      • Bike-Sharing

        Essen is a great city for cyclists, whether you are an enthusiast or just looking to get around in a healthier way. Metroradruhr is the biggest bike-sharing company in the city and has over 3.000 bikes available. There are also 201 cycling routes available for serious riders.

    • Sightseeing in Essen

      A curious blend of many different districts and histories, there are many sights to see in Essen.

      • Baldeneysee (Lake Baldeney)

        The Baldeneysee is Essen's largest lake and is an artificial body of water that was dammed back in 1933. Fisherman and water sports enthusiasts share the space here, and casual visitors can also get involved with a range of simple pedal boats available to rent.

      • Villa Hügel

        Located by the edge of the lake is another major city attraction. Villa Hügel is a mansion built by Essen's very own industrial dynasty, the Krupp family. Musical concerts and art exhibitions are held year round in this beautiful building, and guided tours of the interior and the artistic and historical artifacts now housed within are also offered.

      • The Grugapark

        A great day out for families, the Grugapark offers a wide range of activities designed to satisfy all ages. As well as expansive and lush green areas, visitors will also find restaurants, a sports complex, old fountains, an animal enclosure and aquarium, and an amusement park. The biggest attraction, however, is certainly the impressive Botanical garden.

      • The UNESCO world heritage Zollverein

        The Zollverein coal mine industrial complex is a park unlike any other. Much of the flora and fauna here is a unique collection of species that have been allowed to naturally reclaim this area after the mining operation stopped. In addition, a massive ice rink now sits between the old coke ovens, attracting thousands of skaters throughout the year.

      • The Domschatzkammer (Cathedral Treasury)

        The Domschatzkammer is a collection of ecclesiastical treasures that are housed next to the cathedral church and are on display to the public throughout the year. Visitors should be aware that the hosts do not consider the treasury a museum but rather a place of worship.

      • The Grillo-Theater

        The Grillo-Theater is the city's oldest theatre and regularly hosts philharmonic orchestras and plays. It was badly damaged during World War 2 and has gone through numerous renovations since.

      Sightseeings in Essen: The Zollverein Coal Mine Industrial Complex
    • Useful Services in Essen

      Essen offers a wide range of different services that help make living and adapting to the city easier. Here are a few to be aware of.

      • Car Sharing

        Getaround combines car rental with modern technology. It offers short-term rentals of vehicles that are volunteered or deposited by owners, which can be rented via an app.

      • Food Delivery

        Lieferando is an online app that gathers over 13.000 restaurants and delivery services and allows you to order using your smartphone or mobile device and pay with cash or card.

      • Gym Membership

        Ai Fitness is a gym franchise with multiple locations in Essen. Here you'll find a wide range of facilities to help you keep in shape as soon as you touch down in the city. You can also choose from a range of fitness classes supervised by professionals.

      • Cleaning Service

        Mr. Cleaner is a great way to organise basic or extensive cleaning services for your apartment in Essen with minimum effort. Times and services are flexible, making Mr. Cleaner ideal for anyone getting to grips with a new or uncertain schedule.